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Пятница, 2023-02-03, 7:52 PMГлавная
Автоматизированный информационный анализ
Web Private Detective



Web Private Detective is a unique application that allows you to get
information from internet like facebook account, e-mail address, phone
number, home\work address, etc. related to specified person. It can also
analyze texts and search for facts and people involved and analyze
relationships between persons. For KDE users an additional feature is
supported - automatically assign lables for files, depending on relation
of persons, referred in the file.

Main features:
- search for person in the text, on the internet or in the information
space which is formed on the user's query
- analysis of any number of different sources simultaneously
- analysis of the importance of each person
- search for facts related to each person
- Searching for related information about person in the sources (e-mail,
home\work address, phone number)
- analysis of relationships between persons and generating a table of
- automatically assign labels for files in KDE, depending on relation of
persons, referred in the file


    - hole Web-site pars system
    - profile for person system
    - ways bitween persons in report
    - paths and URL's in report


    v. 1.x:

    - new manual

    1.1 beta 2
    - KDE integration (maybe Windows too)
    - some bug fix in Windows version

    1.1 beta 1
    - multi source system
    - TAB`s GUI
    - some changes in the report
    - bug fixes in algorithm

    1.0 Finall

    - new name

    - new icon

    - license text

    - manual

    - minor correction algorithm

    - improved search people engine 
    - Improved Text Analysis
    - improve interaction with the Web
    - small changes in the report concept

    - interactive report UI
    - integration with google
    - Windows light weight version 

    - windows OS support
    - analysis of the text links
    - persone weight system
    - 3 colors in table
    - outpu file suffix auto add

    - web input (from site)
    - statistical analysis of indirect links
    - data save options
    - new table output in report

    beta 3:
    - improvement of algorithm
    - construction menu in the report
    - analysis not only txt but HTML files too
    - an analysis of only one file
    - stability improvements

    beta 2:
    + search mode (displays only the facts with the right person)
    + revised report format: now added a list of all persons in the text at the beginning of the report
    + rpm version added
    + RoadMap added

    Known issues:

    issue #1 - crushed when entered non latin path to dir/file                       [ solved in beta2     ]
    issue #2 - one file pars does't work on some PC with Ubuntu 10.10         [  solved in RC1      ]
    issue #3 - crushed while search on some TEXT                                      [  solved in RC2      ]
    issue #4 - empty report for some web pages and html files                     [        OPEN            ]
    issue #5 - not work load of last mode (dir/web/google)                           [ solved in RC3       ]
    issue #6 - crushed when sub-folder porcessing                                       [ solved in RC4       ]
    issue #7 - lineEdit with folder(file) is too small on some systems              [ solved in Finall      ]
    issue #8 - codepage error in HTML file in Windows version                      [ solved in 1.1 beta  ]

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