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Автоматизированный информационный анализ

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Analysis and information retrieval. How it?
For today greater part of humanity needs information. Whether then for own curiosity, whether then for professional activity. Every person, be that private or legal, on the face of it has sufficient informative resources in accordance with its necessities. But to satisfy the informative necessities it became now hardness in accordance with concrete aims. Because with development of technologies human informative space became very supersaturated: in him a bit too much to information on be what themes, from be what areas of knowledges. 
  That humanity got possibility to be actively exchanged between itself by all information which is in general. Now the problem of informative exchange disappeared simply, remained really, that problem of its defence. A new problem appeared now: «How to find exactly that among enormous information content, that necessary us?». Essence of problem is in that for today the stream of information exceeds human possibilities in its treatment. For example amount of sources which light up the various sides of commercial activity daily grows only. A businessman (enterprise) always tries to be in the field of all important according to his opinion business events, public policy, and in some regions, even, religious moods. Therefore clearly, that a necessity is predetermined by a purpose. Well when activity of businessman is strictly specialized is not only facilitates access to information but also its analysis. But it does not eliminate a problem!

  For example I can not physically work out all information about products and perspective telecommunication developments on which I am followed to be oriented in the work. I do not have time simply, through everyday problems which needs decision. Thematic literature does not solve problem even. From it it will be been to develop and make decision locally, going out only from that I am able to work and my intuitional preferences. It is been it also a clever decision is already a long ago found is systematization of treatment and analysis of information. Every organization itself respecting of which has in the state an analyst or even whole department or uses informative services of analytical centers. That people which are penetrated exceptionally the questions of the informative providing. Such method of organization of the informative providing allows to get reliable meaningful complete and timely important information. In spite of the fact that the receipt of such information takes away money – and it deserves that. Hardness to disagree? Especially when decisions it is accepted on the basis of analyst reports actually decide the subsequent fate of organization. The computing engineering was created, above all things, for processing of data. In this time the modern computer systems and computer networks allow to accumulate the greater arrays of data for the decision of tasks of treatment and analysis. 

  Unfortunately, the in itself machine form of presentation of information contains information, necessary a man, in hidden formy, and for its receipt it is needed to use the special methods of analysis of data. The large volume of information, from one side, allows to get the more exact sacks and analysis, de autre part - converts the search of decisions into a difficult task. No wonder that the primary analysis of data was translated on a computer. But as in relation to automation of processes of collection, treatment and analysis of information? Usually it will facilitate human labour exactly, will decrease time on treatment, and will enable at once strukturuvati information. Certainly, nothing will replace a first-class specialist with long-term experience. But even such specialist will not be able to provide information which answers certain criteria, even on the specialized subject. Because there will be the broken criterion of timeliness or plenitude. Reason – that, information content, that a man products increased in times. Therefore the whole collectives of analysts of information are now needed for the receipt of high-quality result. It is therefore needed to use the methods of automation in a complex with work of specialists of informaciyno-analitichnoy sphere. Automation of process of thematic treatment of information enables maximally to overcome informative space. That the criterion of plenitude of information is executed. Also due to speed of treatment of enormous arrays the criterion of timeliness and authenticity is provided. From here already lyudini-analitiku more easily to build logical connection between various facts and their dependences between itself. 
  In my opinion automation of processes of selection and treatment of thematic information generates another substantial quality is absolutely new information which is not written somewhere direct text and is not the result of treatment of separate array of data. Because it is predefined absence of human tastes (subjectivism) in the process of choice of sources, search and selection of information. For example: during an operative information retrieval sources get out a man at first after their authenticity, secondly on volume which it will be been to process (timeliness and importance even on comes into question). And when for a man this work is done by a machine then the criterion of volume of information falls off at least, that it is needed to process – plenitude and all-embracing of result rises from here.
  Even using many searching systems, that us a world spider web offers to will not give us a that result which would be desirable. Because it does not enable to fish out from the body of text facts and semantic dependences. For the decision of this question certain steps are already a long ago done. A result are new methods and approaches, software products. Now business after successful combination of all of it and the subsequent use.

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